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1 BCE Birth date of Jesus

There are 2 occasions recorded in the Bible that confirmed 1 BCE as the birth date of Jesus.

First it was said that John started baptizing in the 15th year reign of Tiberius. (Luke 3:1-3) What year is Tiberius 15th year? According to 'Britannica Concise Encyclopedia' Tiberius became emperor in the month of September year 14 CE which is the first month of 15 CE in Jewish reckoning (civil year), evidently the one used by Luke since he is a Jew. So by adding 15 years to 15 CE, the result is 30 CE -the 15th of Tiberius- the year when John started his baptizing ministry and when he baptized Jesus to become the Messiah. So if that year is 30 CE and Jesus at that time is 30 years of age (Luke 3:21-23), then 30 CE minus 30 years equals zero, but since there is no year zero, that would place Jesus birth date on 1 BCE.

The second occasion is recorded in Matthew chapter 2. According to the gospel, Jesus was born sometime before the death of Herod. Herod, according to Josephus, died not long after an eclipse of the moon and before pass over (Jewish Antiquities XVII 6:4; 8:3). According to Oppolzer's Canon of Eclipses p. 343, on December 27, 1 BCE partial lunar eclipse occurs in Jerusalem at dawn. So, if Herod died not long after an eclipse and before pass over (Mar/Apr) then his death could possibly fell on the month of January or February year 1 CE, which means, because Jesus was born sometime before the death of Herod, the birth of Christ must be on year 1 BCE. (Luke 2:11)

To confirm: Jesus' quote the prophecy of Isaiah concerning his coming (Luke 4:17-19), part of the prophesy said, "he hath sent proclaim liberty to the captives." (Luke 2:10-14) Proclamation of liberty occurs every Jubilee year. (Leviticus 25:10) Since Jesus comes to proclaim liberty, his coming must fall to Jubilee year, and that fits exactly to 1 BCE which is the 30th Jubilee.*

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