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2008-2018: The Divine

Plan of the Ages

So here, we found the period between 2008 and 2018 as the grand opening dates for the Kingdom of God to operate in the earth. To confirm: Jesus, in the Bible, is signified as the last Adam (1Corinthians 15:45*) and the manifestation of God's kingdom in the earth. (Luke 17:21*) So if Jesus--the perfect creation of God--is implied to represent the earthly kingdom of God, so did the first Adam prior to his fall. (Genesis 1:26*) If the kingdom of God vanished in the earth due to unfaithfulness of the first Adam, God will restore that kingdom through the perfect obedience of the last Adam. And this divine plan was all started to Abraham. (James 2:21-23*)

Christ originates to Israel, Israel originates to Jacob, Jacob originates to Isaac, and Isaac as we know had originated to Abraham. Abraham is the turning point in human history in terms of God's purpose to restore the lost kingdom. If Abraham's birth date is regarded as the division that separate the time in two eras, then Adam's birth date, that is: his birth in death (Gen.2:17 [the beginning of the accounting of his days following his transgression]) would fell to 2008 B.A. (Before Abraham) while the birth of Jesus, in 2018 A.B. (After Birth of Abraham) How could it be?

From Abraham's birth date to the year when God give him a covenant, it takes 75 years. (Gen. 12:4) From there to Israel's departure in Egypt and receiving of the law covenant, it took 430 years. (Galatians 3:16,17) From Israel's departure in Egypt to Solomon's 4th year, when the temple was constructed-480 (1King 6:1); Solomon died in his 40th year, so from temple construction to his death, 36 years. At his old age, Solomon committed sin, (1King 11:4-7,11,12) and that sin was continued by most of his successor, until it was ended by God when he allowed the Babylonians to seize Jerusalem. According to Ezekiel 4:5, that error has amounted to 390 years. 70 years after the climax of that error, in 539 BCE, Babylon fell to the Persians--the year when the prophecy in Jeremiah 25:12 was fulfilled. If all the years from 539 BCE to the birth year of Abraham were summed up, the total is 1,481.

On the other hand, if the years following the fall of Babylon down to the year when Jesus was born in 1 BCE were numbered, the result is 538, and if those years are counted together with 1,481, then, we will find that from Abraham's birth date to Jesus birth date, the years that amount is 2019. However, there is no year zero* between B.A. to A.B. thus subtracting 1 year to 2019, the result is 2018.

Concerning Adam, summed all the years from his 'birth in death' to the year when Terah the father of Abraham died, this will give you 2,083. Abraham was 75 at that time, so to find his birth year, deduct 75 years to Terah's days, thus 205-75=130. So the 130th of Terah is the year when Abraham was born. From this point, if we reckoned all the years back to Adam's 'birth in death,' the resulting amount is 2008. (2,083-75=2008)

Therefore, if Abraham's birth date is regarded as the division that separate the time in two eras, then Adam's birth date, as we've mentioned earlier, would fell to 2008 BA. While Christ' to 2018 AB. So the divine plan shows that, where the first Adam had lost God's kingdom (2008 BA), there will the kingdom of God be restored by the last Adam (2008 CE).

To illustrate: The first coming of Christ is meant to reconstruct the Vehicle of God (Rulership in the line of David), I say 're-construct' because in time of David it was already in the building process, David is the chassis and his successor -the kings in his bloodline- are the other parts of the vehicle, its just that' the process has ground to a halt and succumb to ruin because of negligence on the part of the Jewish leaders. When Christ arrived in first century C.E. he started rebuilding this Car and finally in 2008 it was completed. "I am come to send fire in the earth" Time now of God to start the engine and drive his Vehicle. (Luke 12:49)

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. --James 1:17